Everything looks perfect if it comes at the expected time. The same goes for gray hair. When gray hair starts appearing in your late thirties, it is a natural reminder of your growing age and wisdom, but you should certainly be concerned if it starts happening in your teens or twenties. 

Most people aren’t even aware of the many exciting facts about gray hair. Are you wondering what they are? Then let’s explore these interesting facts together!

1) Check your family lineage 

One of the most exciting facts about gray hair is that you can make a rough estimate of when you will see the glimmer of silver on your own scalp — wondering how? 

Check your family lineage and ask your elders when they first noticed strands of gray for the first time. Chances are that your timing will be very close to theirs! 

2) Lifestyle 

The next thing you should know about gray hair is that your lifestyle could be the reason for its appearance. Some of the most common things that can cause premature graying are smoking, stress, and an unbalanced diet. 

Although there are many ways to reverse gray hair naturally once the time comes, it is worth exploring online to learn about home remedies, and you can delay the process. The best way to save yourself from premature gray hair is to change your lifestyle by making it healthier, because other benefits will follow!

3) Vitamin B supplements help (a lot!)

Vitamin B is essential if you want to resist the quick spread of gray strands of hair. Increase your intake of vitamin B with supplements or make sure you eat foods rich in vitamin B, for example cheese, eggs, meat, and fish. 

4) Wavy hair can hide the gray strands 

If you are at the beginning gray hair appearing, you can adopt a wavy hairstyle since the way light reflects on curly hair makes the gray less noticeable. It also helps hide the roots of your hair, where the grayness stands out the most when the process starts.

5) Gray hair needs SPF 

Melanin helps to protect your hair from free radicals like UV rays. Since this pigment-making protein is missing from gray hair, it also makes your hair a lot more susceptible to UV damage. You need to protect your gray hair from the sun, just like your skin.

6) Your race is also a factor 

Another fun fact is that your race is an important factor in deciding when your hair will start losing its pigmentation. Studies have found, for example, that Asians are most likely to face gray hair in their late 30s, whereas Africans only have to face this reality in their mid-40s. Ukranian Cossacks are known to still have deep black hair with only a few silver strands even when their beards have turned completely gray.

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