Natural gray hair reversal used to be a myth. It was, back in 1907, when Eugene Schueller first introduced hair dyeing to the world. A color-changing molecule called para-phenylenediamine, or PPD, had been discovered in the 1860s. And this became the basis for the first synthetic dye created by Schueller. He called it Aureole, which would later be known to the world as L’Oréal.

Much time has passed since then, though. More and more people began to realize the need to work in harmony with natural body processes to achieve their goals without endangering their health, or sustaining damage. And thus was born a new outlook: the more “natural” a product or its effect, the more “millennial” it is. Natural became a defining factor for modernity.

Gray Hair Naturally

As people became aware of the damaging effects of synthetic hair dye, many who sought a solution to their gray hair problem switched to natural remedies, dietary supplements, or more natural products like herbal hair dyes.

Today, though, we have advanced from hair dyes and natural remedies as solutions to gray hair. Not so long ago, Reparex was introduced to the world – a formula that restores the natural color of hair from the inside. Thanks to Reparex, natural and permanent gray hair reversal is no longer a myth!

Where Natural Remedies and Natural Hair Dyes Have Failed

The benefits of natural remedies stretch far and wide. Yet when it comes to gray hair reversal, it has left many frustrated and disappointed. Natural remedies often require laborious preparations. And despite all its benefits, it is hardly ever effective in reversing gray hairs.

Natural hair dyes often boast that they have successfully replaced harmful chemicals like PPD, resorcinol, ammonia, persulfates, hydrogen peroxide, lead acetates, and 4-ABP in dye. And this makes natural hair dyes a bit pricier than ordinary hair dyes.

What they don’t tell you is that for hair color to be permanent, it must contain some PPDs – yes, that color-changing molecule discovered in the 1860s, the most dangerous of the chemicals listed above, as it has lately been found to cause cancer, lung and kidney disorders and severe allergic reactions. The difference in these natural products is the low concentration of PPDs they contain. Ordinary hair dye can contain 5-6% of this chemical. Brands that claim to be ‘natural’ often contain less than 1%. But never completely PPD-free.

DIY herbal hair dyes, on the other hand, which don’t contain PPDs, are safe but not permanent. Fun to do at first, but usually turns out to be expensive to maintain in the long run and time consuming.

Reverse Gray Hair Naturally and Permanently with Reparex

With hair dyes, then, ‘permanent and natural’ is just an impossible union. You either go for permanent, or natural, but you can’t have both.

With Reparex, though, you get the best of both worlds. You get to reverse gray hair naturally and permanently. While hair dyes work to color your hair from the outside, Reparex replicates the natural process of restoring the original color of your hair from the inside.

It comes in a bottle with a nozzle which makes hair application easy. All you have to do is apply small amounts of the solution to your scalp everyday during the first ten days. After getting your natural hair color back, you can reduce your use to once a week. No unwanted side effects. All you get is healthier-looking hair – in your natural color.

It’s that simple! In contrast to natural remedies and natural hair dyes, Reparex is effective, natural, lasting, less expensive to maintain, and can be easily incorporated into your routine.

But how does Reparex work?

What Makes Reparex Effective – The Science Behind

How hair gets its color: Melanin is the pigment that gives your hair its color. It is produced by the body in oxidized, colorless form. An enzyme called catalase, which is produced in the hair roots, takes the oxygen out of melanin, which in turn results in melanin gaining its color.

What makes us go gray: Aging, stress or other factors cause the body to produce less and less of this enzyme catalase. And without catalase to take the oxygen out of melanin, hair turns gray.

What Reparex does: Reparex restores the natural process of taking out oxygen from melanin, through an enzyme that functions like catalase. This results in the restoration of your natural hair color.

And because it replicates a natural body process, it restores much more than the natural color of your hair. Hair becomes healthier, thicker, and more elastic, too, just as it’s meant to be!

Reparex: Taking Gray Hair Solutions to a Whole New Level

A modern fountain of youth, Reparex undoubtedly represents a new age of natural. Effective and superior by far to other gray hair solutions in the market today, yet affordable and practical, able to meet the needs of the rush of modern life.

  • No unwanted side effects
  • Reverses your gray hair permanently
  • Restores the natural color of your hair
  • Restores hair elasticity
  • Fast results
  • Simple to use
  • Economical

Get youthful hair back naturally and permanently with Reparex!