A gray beard can easily add years to your face and no one wants that. Men nowadays are starting to take interest and are beginning to invest in products and services related to grooming, most specifically with their facial hairs. It is actually becoming popular on men much like the “on fleek” eyebrow trend in women. This is why men’s search for the Holy Grail beard product, to finally answer their problems, is spreading all throughout the web.

Easy to Use Men’s Beard Dye Products

And the first on our solution list, Easy to use men’s beard dye products. Here we tried to compile all the things that you need to consider when purchasing your next beard dye to keep you away from all the unnecessary hassle plus we include one other option at the end if in case you wanted to ditch the tedious routine of hair dyeing and all its works.

Does your dye contain Ammonia?

Before we go to the list, let us first address an important issue with dyes, the ammonia content. Most of your hair dyes contain ammonia since it functions as the element which “forces” the color into your hair. Since dyes have to be instant, then it needs to make sure the pigment sticks the moment you use it.

This process of ammonia forcing its way into your hair shocks or attacks Tyrosine –a protein produced by our body to regulate the production of melanin (the color that makes up our hair and skin)-which can create a long-term damage if used repeatedly.

Destruction of Tyrosine results in our hair’s inability to maintain its color. Thus, it is very important to check whether this chemical is present in your dye. You can either regulate your use of the product or avoid it completely. There are natural beard dye products out there that may ease up your mind with the hazards of the effects of ammonia.

So, shall we start with the list?

Find Your Right Shade

When we color, we wanted it to look as natural as possible making it young and healthy looking. Hence, using the wrong shade can get you the wrong kind of look. Men usually go with the same shade as their hair, ending up with a darker or a way lighter, unnatural result.

Experts say that you to determine first if you are using a permanent or a non-permanent dye. For permanent dye users, choose a shade which is a bit darker than your color of choice since it has a developer ingredient which gets darker the longer it stays in your hair. In case of dyes of semi-permanent nature, it’s best to opt for a lighter color than what you wanted since it does not contain the same component.

If the perfect shade is not available during your purchase, you can always buy two colors and mix it up to make your desired tint.

Another tip, if you are not sure with the color you’ve bought, you can always test it on hidden or a small portion of your beard. That way you can save yourself of having to suffer from an unflattering color while growing it out.

Check What the Box Includes

Before hurrying to the cashier you might want to make sure you have everything that you needed. Some dyes already provide the necessary kit to start your coloring journey. From the applicator brush, disposable gloves, and mixing bowl, but there are still other brands that require you to purchase these things on your own.

Do not worry if you noticed it a bit late, you can still improvise your own applicator brush with either a toothbrush or ask any woman you know who loves make-up if she has any old mascara wand and you are good to go.

To replace disposable gloves, look for a saran wrap or a small plastic bag, tie the handles around your wrist and ensure not to make it too tight so that you still have room to manage to dye your hair.

Keep it natural

What do natural dyes have to do with ease of use? It removes you of the trouble of driving to the doctor’s clinic for serious allergic reactions or extreme skin irritation. Because most of the chemicals found in dyes are combinations of a lot of substances, it can be hard to separately distinguish and determine what caused your allergic reaction.

Natural dyes do not carry this hazard since it came from organic ingredients found in nature. Good examples are products that use Henna powder. It is a powder made from an herb found in India which is mainly used for coloring, tinting and a whole lot of other uses including as medicinal herb.

Hair reversal: A Natural Process of bringing back your natural hair color

Speaking of natural hair treatments, hair reversing is one of them. It is exactly what it sounds; it is overturning the graying process of your hair and bringing it back to your natural color. It may sound impossible from the yesteryears but recent advances in Science and technology allows us to develop amazing ways to answer some of our daily human problems.

Experts at Reparex found a way to end the days of graying hair. We discovered a solution to prevent hair from totally losing its color and the answer is hair reversal.

What makes hair turn gray?

This starts when Melanin –the enzyme responsible for giving our skin and hair color- is produced. Melanin is accompanied by oxygen attached to our hair. The oxygen makes melanin appear colorless hence, creating the gray hair.

Removing Oxygen to produce color

If Oxygen is attached to the melanin the moment it is produced, then how will the hair show color? This is with the help of the Catalase enzyme. Catalase is produced in our hair roots, strips the hair off the oxygen, giving it pigment.

How Reparex Reverses Hair Graying

Reparex substitutes Catalase as an oxygen blocker allowing the whole natural process of our body in producing melanin for hair’s color rebuilt.

Why Use Reparex?

Using hair dye is always the easy choice if you want an instant fix. But just like the saying goes, “easy come, easy go”, the effect does not last that long, so, you have to reapply it consistently. It may be rewarding at first upon seeing your hair look healthier, but over time it may feel like a lot of work. The thought of picking out different shades to find the right one, mixing it in a bowl, coloring and all the mess looks tiring.

Reparex is the easiest hair product you can use. Besides being odorless, meaning without those strong chemical smells of hair/beard dyes, it does not require any color matching or the tedious mixing bowls and rinsing. You just have to apply it directly to your scalp, massage it in, dry it, and wait for the results for as early as a week.

Unlike hair dyes, Reparex does not go against our body’s natural processes of melanin production by forcing harsh chemicals to the hair strands, but rather fixes it for a lasting, natural effect. Reparex formulation fits well with men’s body chemistry preventing allergic reactions and skin irritation.

Using Reparex saves you tons of money spent on dyes and treatments. Once Reparex brought back the color you are born with, you only need to maintain it keeping you away from all the mess of dye retouching every other week.

Life is hard already look for ways to make it easier. Try it out today and see why hundreds and thousands of users are raving about and using this product for all their grays!