“The Gray hair trend”, we are sure you have heard or read it almost everywhere you go. It’s on all the social media platforms right now. Younger generations are buying hair products for Gray Hair to color and achieve this hair trend. Bleaching, coloring, doing their roots, and back again just to maintain that on trend, “Granny hair”.

Not only that it’s very popular to our young people but adults are also in with the game; although it’s more common to male adults drawing inspiration from the ultimate “Silver Fox” of the century – George Clooney – some ladies did not want to be left out, so they too joined in.

Now, after all the preparation of bleaching and coloring for the picture perfect Instagram post, we now go back to the truth behind the famous gray hair – dryness and brittleness. Because let’s face it, no matter how much you like your hair coloring or styling, it always looks bad when it’s dry and damaged.

Making the choice: Dye it, Grow it or Reverse it

You have three choices, either to grow it out to your natural hair color, maintain it gray or reverse it naturally – by reversing, we mean to bring it back to its natural color without dying it – either way, you need to keep it healthy and full of life.

Maintaining your gray hair might take a little more work and not to mention expenses than keeping your natural set of locks. But do not despair; we will try our best to help you with it.

Although you always have the choice to go to the nearest salon and have it fixed by the experts –which is the better choice (but wait till you know about grey hair reversing) – sometimes it’s just too costly or too time-consuming to do so. Hence, a lot of us prefer to just reach for some DIY’s or products you can buy from the store and do the “fixing” ourselves that almost give the same result.

Best Hair Care Products for Gray Hair

Luckily, we gather some of these products for gray hair that you might want to grab to get you started. Are you ready?

Hair care Essentials for Dyed or Naturally gray hairs

  • Hair Oils

One of the best and most recommended hairs repair treatment are oils. It has the ability to seep in your scalp and every hair strand to get to the root of the problem. Not only that, but it also adds shine and moisture to the hair.

Most hairstylists suggest using a product with a lot of Argan Oil component since it is responsible for shielding your hair from sun or UV damage and can also tame those frizz.

Argan oil has qualities that make hair softer, silkier and shinier. Just drop a little amount to your palms, rub them together and smooth your fingers through your hair. Do not oversaturate your hair with the oil as will get really sticky and heavy.

  • Hair Serums

What? Did we just say Serums? Isn’t that like the same with oils? Oh no. no. no.

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding this two type of products, people think they are basically the same and is, therefore, interchangeable. We are now settling this once and for all, they are not. They have different uses.

You see, hair serums act like leave on creams, they are used for styling purposes only. Serums bring shine, pollution protection, frizz control, and sun exposure. It stays at the hair surface, unlike hair oils, it is absorbed and soaked by your hair strands and scalp.

Breaking it down in simple terms, hair serums are for styling only. Hair oils are for hair care routines that give deep hair nourishment.

So, if you are going out and want something that feels lighter and looking not too greasy, grab serums. On the other hand, if you want to heal and revitalize your hair, it’s best to use hair oils.

  • Purple Shampoos

These shampoos are literally purple in color to cancel out the yellowish/brassy tone. It serves as a hair toner for colored hair. You might need this product a staple in your bathroom cabinet when you are still sporting a gray hair since the undertone is usually caused by everyday exposure to sun, hard water or heat styling.

It helps neutralize the warm yellow tone of a bleached or colored hair. But do not get the idea to replace your regular hair shampoo since purple shampoos are meant to be used only for once or twice a week but it may be mixed with regular shampoo for a subtle balancing of undertones.

So to make you gray hair remain gray and not yellow, have yourself a purple shampoo.

  • Hair Conditioners

All the process of bleaching, coloring, heat styling and sun exposure surely take a toll on our hair, especially gray hairs as they are a lot weaker and unhealthier than normal hair.

Regular cleansing by shampoo products is good but it may strip your hair of its natural nutrients thus may still result to dryness. Much like taking care of your naturally colored hair, hair conditioners can work wonders to your gray hair. It restores hydration and elasticity making your hair not only looking healthy and fuller but feeling soft and smooth as well.

Professional stylists even advised using conditioners more than shampoo. They said that hair shampoos should be used only every other day –because it tends to make our hair dry – whereas, conditioners should be used every day even without other products. It may sound a little skeptical since using just conditioner feels sticky and heavy, but we got to give it to the experts. They would not suggest it if it doesn’t work.

Hair Reversal: Bring back your hair color naturally, no more dyes forever.

And now, we came to your third choice –hair reversal. Intriguing isn’t it? How can you actually reverse your gray hair? Is that even possible? Yes. It is now possible to return to your old, naturally born hair color. And no, not with hair dye coloring. It’s just your regular normal hair, growing from your roots in its natural color. Not gray.

We gave this as your third choice if in case you are already tired of repeatedly re-coloring your hair to make it gray or you’re still not in that stage where you are ready to fully embrace graying.

Before you go doubting, let us explain to you how it works. First, you must need a product capable of giving you such results, Reparex is specifically made and created for this purpose. It repairs your hair from the inside, not only on the surface. It restores the natural process of your hair from the moment it grows out from your hair follicles.

What creates hair color

Our hair gets its color from a pigment named Melanin, it is produced together with oxygen, which is what makes it oxidized, this oxidation of melanin makes it appear colorless.

When the hair is about to grow out of the hair follicle, an enzyme called Catalase –produced in the hair roots – acts as an oxygen filter, removing oxygen from Melanin, which now results in our natural colored hair.

Turning gray

Now, when a lot of factors like aging, health conditions, stress and other matters affecting the production of Catalase enzyme arise and there’s nothing to remove the oxygen from the melanin, it is then we begin to develop non-pigmented hair or easily gray hairs.

Reparex Hair Reversal Process

What Reparex does is produce a substance that functions as the Catalase that removes oxygen from the melanin, therefore, restoring our natural hair color. As simple as that.

Reparex is your time capsule back to the days where you only worry is how to live life and look youthful as ever. Who would have thought that getting back the years would just be this easy and practical? It is something that you can do in the comforts of your home, without all the expenses for salons and costly hair procedures. Know more about it and grab one now.